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August 1st, 2015 General 583 views

It’s been really long time now that I wanted to re-brand my portfolio and blog and the time has finally come.

There may be some questions that will raise in your mind, like

Who are you?

You can find everything about me over here. But if you don’t want to go through all that, my name is Aslam Doctor and I am a freelance web developer. I expertise in bespoke PHP & WordPress based websites development.

What’s the story behind this blog?

I have been running my blog since last 6 years from welancers.com which was very successful(and sadly it has been shut down). We were a team of bloggers, all with different skills like Game development, Web development & App development. As we all started moving towards our personal goals in life, we lost our focus from blogging. In march 2015, I started my fulltime freelance business and since then I wanted to get back to blogging from where I left.

What will you be writing on your blog?

Most of the time I will be writing about my daily life experience in freelance, problems and solutions on the skills I know from different categories which are PHP, Apache, MySQL, WordPress, Bootstrap, jQuery…

So that’s it. If you have any other questions, please leave in a comments below.

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