Setup GST on WordPress Woocommerce based websites

As GST (Goods and Services Tax) has been announced recently in India, this has now become mandatory for every sellers to remove all the other taxes and update them with a single tax called GST. I am going to show you how to setup & apply GST Tax on Woocommerce based websites. These are very simple steps and it doesn’t require any kind of technical knowledge. I have also included screenshots from a dummy Woocommerce setup which will make things easier.

Step 1 – Log into the WordPress Admin and go to Woocommerce > Settings

Step 2 – Here enable/check the option that says “Enable taxes and tax calculations”. This will enable the Tax feature in your shop.

Step 3 – Go to Tax tab and change the option to “Standard” where it says “Shipping tax class”

Step 4 – In the Tax tab, go to “Standard rates” link and inset a row as shown in the screenshot below.

Make note that “Rate %” is the standard 18% GST tax rates. And also set the “Tax name” as per your needs. I have set it as “GST(18%)”. Tax name is just what the customers will read on the website.

Finally save the changes once these settings are done.

Step 5 – Go to your website and try adding some items to the cart. And open the Cart. It will show you the GST tax added to the cart as show in the screenshot below.

That’s it. It is done.

I hope you find this useful. Please share it with others so more people can start using GST Tax on their website. And leave your comments if there is any queries.