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Hello Everyone…
As You already know by now, my name is Aslam Doctor and I am a full stack web developer. I live in the country full of colors – India.
And please, I am not a Doctor – it is just my surname we have been using from generations.

2005 - 2006

As that was a beginning of my career and I was also doing my post graduation study, I began with a part time job and started working on PHP at Active Info Media. I finished few inhouse projects there. I thank Active Info Media to give me an opportunity and time for studying + working on PHP platform.

2006 - 2008

As my study period was ended, I applied for a higher opportunity at outer city and got full time web developer job at Khyati infotech. I experienced how a team work is getting done the right way. In the 2 years of my job period, I worked on around 8-10 project. I thank Khyati infotech for believing in me and giving me opportunity to work on such important position.

2008 - 2009

In these 2 years, I worked on a random Jobs which includes few months of outsourcing for a USA based company, partnership with a Friend on full time freelance and Full time freelancing alone from home for few months. This was a period in which I did less development and more research tasks like configuring linux server, working with django framework, working with codeigniter framework etc. I thanks this period for improving my skills on research based jobs.

2009 - 2014

These years were the best years of my career. I got opportunity to work in a UK based company Mesh Media where I was doing freelance work in the beginning for few months. But later I was offered to work for full time as a Senior developer. I am still working for Mesh Media for limited hours every week. It is a very small Team with a very high capacity. I developed a Custom PHP CMS over there which I believe as a huge achievement of my career. Other then that, I also build various web applications and lots of websites which I am unable to count. I thank Mesh Media to believe in me and giving me opportunity of such higher position. At Mesh Media, I got chance to interact directly with clients and it helped me alot to move ahead to the career of successful fulltime freelancer.

2015 - Present day...

Nowadays I work as a fulltime freelancer from my own workstation. This is the year I will always be remembering as I achieved the highest milestone of my career by establishing my own office. I thank all my clients for believing in me and giving me jobs and most importantly I thank my parents and my wife to have faith in me.


1 NuxtJS
2 VueJS
3 Laravel
4 Wordpress