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Some basics of using Vuex with NuxtJS (using Example)

We all know that Vuex is very powerful state management system when used with VueJS. And when you are using it with NuxtJS, its even more fun to use. But sometime it is little confusing. Mainly in the initial stage of setting up the Store. What I did to save some time on the configuration […]

Using vuejs-datepicker with Nuxt JS

Talking about datepickers, if we check on npmjs.com, the most downloaded datepicker componet for Vue JS is vuejs-datepicker. No doubt, the plugin(component) has every essential fatures any datepicker should have. But when it comes to integrate it with Nuxt JS framework, the plugin breaks the whole page because it doesn’t support SSR (server-side rendering via […]

Evoution of using IDEs & Text Editors in my career

This time I am just sharing my experience of using different IDEs through out my entire career of last 10 years. It’s going to refresh lots of memories. So let’s begin. 1. Dreamweaver I remember using Dreamweaver Version 8 as the very first IDE in my career. I have built so many static sites using […]

Create Apache Virtual host in Ubuntu 18.04

So this is something everyone struggles while installing LAMP stack on Ubuntu 18.04. I struggle too and I decided to note down proper steps so we all can easily follow them in future. Before You follow the steps, just make sure to change example.com with your specific domain. And one more thing, these steps are […]

Media Query Mixins using SASS for Bootstrap 4 and understanding responsiveness approaches

CSS frameworks like Bootstrap 4 comes with very powerful responsiveness utilities but some people(like me) still prefer using their own media queries to create stylesheets in place of using that framework’s own SASS mixins. To use Bootstrap 4’s SASS mixins, you have to include the whole bootstrap SASS package into your main SASS file. Some […]

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