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Add dynamic style tag inside Vue template tag

So here is a common situation I was into recently. I am building a portal using NuxtJS, NodeJS & MongoDB stack and the requirement was to store design preferences for specific user. So a user can login and set up their profile text color, background color, button styles etc. And the first question popped in […]

Add Google AdSense verification code inside Nuxt JS

As we all know, Google AdSence is one of the most popular service to earn Ad revenue. When running a blog using Nuxt JS, it is very important to add in some SEO related code as well as AdSense verification code before closing </head> tag. Nuxt JS already comes with Vue Meta package integrated. So […]

Simple CRUD App using Express & NuxtJS using serverMiddleware – Part 2/2

Before we continuing part 2 of this mini project, let’s do a small recap. In previous article, we implemented a REST API server using Express. We took advantage of serverMiddleware feature of NuxtJS so that we can run both server & client on single server. We implemented the APIs for Articles & Users modules. In […]

Simple CRUD App using Express & NuxtJS using serverMiddleware – Part 1/2

So recently I was trying to implement a mini project with the help of NuxtJS and Express as API server and got to know that NuxtJS comes with an awesome feature called “serverMiddleware“. It allows us to run both backend and frontend from same server. This is very helpful for creating API endpoints. So I […]

Some basics of using Vuex with NuxtJS (using Example)

We all know that Vuex is very powerful state management system when used with VueJS. And when you are using it with NuxtJS, its even more fun to use. But sometime it is little confusing. Mainly in the initial stage of setting up the Store. What I did to save some time on the configuration […]

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