Top 5 YouTube channels for Web Developers – 2016-17

January 14th, 2017 General 9,554 views

Technology changes very fast and we have to keep us updated with it by learning new things. When its about web development, training videos are the best resources to quickly learn new stuff. With that in mind I decided to update my Top 5 YouTube channels list for web developers. Although the previous list is still under consideration for same.

Please note that this selection of YouTube channels is based on my own experience. The playlists I have picked for every channel are just the one that I viewed completely. Although there is a lot to learn from all these channels, I have just covered up the information here which I was in need to study.

So here we go :

1. David Connelly


For those who works on PHP platform and interested in learning something new with PHP frameworks, this channel for you. It includes frameworks like Codeigniter, Slim, Yii2 etc. The just love the way how Mr.David Connely teaches us in every videos. It’s fun to learn every time. Also the hardwork he has done is simply amazing and inspiring. He did put videos about building Online Shop using Codeigniter which had 135 videos which is quiet challenging.

2. DevTips


DevTips uploads weekly videos on the subject of web design and development. Each video quickly covers a topic to help us all become more awesome at internet. In general, this is a most interesting channel for every web development nerd. They even publishes regular vlogs which includes Google office tour, Future of Web Design Conference, Interviews with Google manager etc.

Some of my favorite playlists are as below:

3. LevelUpTuts


Building websites is frustrating, or at least it can be. Level Up Tutorials sets how to help fix a major problem in learning technologies. The lack of in-depth, basic tutorials that teach more than just what to type when. Videos created for Level Up Tutorials are aimed to be accessible and easy to follow while maintaining high production values.

My favorite pick of playlists are as below:

4. Traversy Media


Traversy Media features the best online web development and programming tutorials for all of the latest web technologies including Node.js, Angular 2, React.js, PHP, Rails, HTML, CSS and much more.

I came to know about this channel just 2 month ago and immediately I decide it to add it to one of my favourite channels. My favourite pick of playlists from this channel is huge but I will point out the top 5 from those.

5. Codecourse


Codecourse is a channel created by the founders of who also provides premium package which unlocks some more accessibility to their videos. But we will talk about the one on YouTube only 🙂

The reason I considered including this channel in this list is because I am mainly a core PHP developer. I have built so many custom PHP based websites in my entire career that I had to even build my own CMS to speed up the workflow. This channel provides mostly PHP based videos only and that caught my interest. The playlists I liked the most are as below:

Hope you liked this list. Don’t forget to leave your thoughts in comments below.

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