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Install Jekyll on Windows 7(x86) and Windows 7(x64)
August 22nd, 2015 General 1,819 views

Jekyll is a command based tool to build simple, blog-aware, static websites. 2 best things about Jekyll are : Once Jekyll is setup properly on your system, you just need to write your website content in Plain text or using any Markdown editor (e.g. https://stackedit.io/editor) and it will automatically generate pages & blog posts and […]

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My journey to learn Codeigniter
August 8th, 2015 Codeigniter 1,108 views

Here is a short story on how I started learning & training myself in Codeigniter framework & ended it within less than a Month. CodeIgniter is a powerful PHP framework with a very small footprint, built for PHP coders who need a simple and elegant toolkit to create full-featured web applications. When it comes about […]

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