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Easily manipulate time using javascript
December 9th, 2016 Javascript 1,870 views

Calculating time has been a headache for developers from long time. Specially when you have to do it using javascript, it’s definitely a nightmare. But moment.js has made it very easy now. Moment.js is used to parse, validate, manipulate, and display dates in JavaScript. You can download it from here http://momentjs.com/ Recently I got a […]

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Get last day of month from specific date
September 12th, 2015 Javascript 1,628 views

Let’s say we have given any date and we want to find out on what day of week the Month ends using Javascript. E.g. 09-12-2015 (12th sept 2015), the last day of this month is Wednesday. So our script should return 3 which is Wednesday counting from Sunday as 0, Monday as 1, Tuesday as 2 & so […]

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