Solution: XAMPP apache Http server has stopped working !

December 22nd, 2016 Apache 8,661 views

Recently I had to fully format my windows desktop and then I  reinstalled all the new softwares including our favourite XAMPP. And restored all my sites back to it. But then when I tried to open some of the sites using localhost URL, it gave me this error.

XAMPP apache Http server has stopped working

I thaught, something went wrong with installation so I re-installed XAMPP. But the issue was still there. So finally I google this error as we all do 🙂 and found the solution. Below is what we need to do.

Step 1 – Stop apache web server from xampp panel

Step 2 – choose httpd.conf from config menu on xampp panel

Step 3 – insert below code to the end of file

Step 4 – Start the apache web server. Voila! it’s done.

The solution was pretty simple but it didn’t make any sense so started digging again on this and found that the latest version of XAMPP provides only 1MB of default stack size(buffer size) and due to that when you try to open huge websites, it crashes. So to increase the default stack size, we gave a bigger value of 8388608 Bytes which is 8MB.

Hope anyone struggling with this issue find it helpful.

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