Distance & Direction Calculator

Calculate multiple distance and directions using Google MAP API. This easy to integrate tool is great for private use or for travel, logistics and geo-nautical companies.  Supporting multiple locations, you can go places with this wonder tool. It is smart enough to generate auto addresses into text box just as you type. As it uses Google Ajax call, the page won’t be needed to reload.

Multiple Distance   Direction Calculator

If you find yourself on the road too often or you are offering a travel, tourism or logistics service, then this tool is integral to your success. With more than fifty happy customers in just two years, and compatibility with all popular browsers including Firefox, Safari, Opera, Chrome and Internet Explorer.

  • Built for people who are going places!
  • For $6 only – cheaper than fuel you waste in one week getting lost in strange lands
  • Built small so you can use it like a widget whilst using other applications

Live Demo : http://codecanyon.net/item/multiple-distance-direction-calculator/311241