Some useful SASS Mixins
December 25th, 2015 CSS 337 views

Alright, Time to post something useful as lately I have become the lazy blogger 🙂 . Here is a couple of useful SASS mixins that I always use on the websites that I design. Size


Absolute Position

Border Radius

Background Gradient

Box Shadow

Text Shadow

Transition Animation

Hope […]

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Tools for geocoding your address
September 21st, 2015 Google Maps 342 views

Anyone working on Google Maps API will find this really useful. As I have been using Google Maps API source codes from around 6-7 years, I have face the need of these 2 tools frequent times. When I have an address value and I wanted the Latitude & Longitude co-ordinates of that address,  I googled for some websites […]

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Get last day of month from specific date
September 12th, 2015 Javascript 375 views

Let’s say we have given any date and we want to find out on what day of week the Month ends using Javascript. E.g. 09-12-2015 (12th sept 2015), the last day of this month is Wednesday. So our script should return 3 which is Wednesday counting from Sunday as 0, Monday as 1, Tuesday as 2 & so […]

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Get total number of elements in array of textbox
September 12th, 2015 jQuery 612 views

This situation basically happens when we create a Array of elements that gets submitted using PHP. And the input values gets retrieved using $_POST variable in array format. I made an interface where I created html form with one textbox as telephone_no with a button Add more. When I click this button, it generates a new […]

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Install Jekyll on Windows 7(x86) and Windows 7(x64)
August 22nd, 2015 General 393 views

Jekyll is a command based tool to build simple, blog-aware, static websites. 2 best things about Jekyll are : Once Jekyll is setup properly on your system, you just need to write your website content in Plain text or using any Markdown editor (e.g. and it will automatically generate pages & blog posts and […]

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